Geo Advent Calendar Day 4

Today is day four of the geo advent calendar and #StromatoliteSunday, so this polished piece of Cotham marble is perfect for today. Cotham marble is also known as landscape marble because the structures within it resemble trees in a field. ‘Marble’ is a misnomer because this is actually a stromatolitic limestone.picture1

Accession Number F0015
Status Accessioned
Specimen Type Fossil
Brief Description Stromatolite
Full Description Cut and polished slice of Cotham marble, a rare decorative stone named after a suburb in Bristol. The laminations and tree-like patterns were formed by algae. Also contains quartz/calcite-filled cavities
Quantity 1
Age (Ma) 200
Location Bristol, England
Acquisition Method Purchased
Acquisition Details Festival of Geology, University College London – £35.00
Acquisition Date 2016-11-05

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