Geo Advent Calendar Day 7

Yet another purchase from the Festival of Geology features today. This rock was formed during a meteorite impact in Germany during the Miocene. Next summer I will be going to this impact crater during the final fieldtrip of my degree – since I have this impact breccia, I’ll know what to look out for when I’m in the field!07-suevite

Accession Number R0009
Status Accessioned
Specimen Type Rock
Brief Description Suevite
Full Description An impact breccia consisting of glass (black clasts), partially melted material and lithic fragments in a greyish-green matrix. Also contains shocked quartz and micro diamonds formed by intense heat and pressure. The meteorite which formed Nördlinger Ries Crater is estimated to be ~1.5km in diameter with an impact velocity of ~20km/s
Quantity 1
Age (Ma) 14.4
Location Nördlinger Ries Crater, Bavaria, Germany
Acquisition Method Purchased
Acquisition Details Festival of Geology, University College London – £3.00
Acquisition Date 2016-11-05

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