Geo Advent Calendar Day 10

Today features a grain mount of epidote which was collected on a fieldtrip to Spain earlier this year. A grain mount is a quick and easy alternative to making a thin section. Particles from a sample are mounted onto a glass slide with epoxy and covered with a cover slip; this can then be viewed with a petrographic microscope. When I collected the specimen, I was unsure of what the mineral was. Luckily, Ruth Siddall was able to identify the mineral and make the grain mount.

Accession Number C0017
Status Accessioned
Specimen Type Grain mount
Brief Description Epidote
Full Description Slide of grains from C0116 (epidote). Created using a medium melt mount with a refractive index of 1.662
Quantity 1
Age (Ma) ?
Location Road A384, km 59, near Olvera, Málaga, Spain
Collector Nadine Gabriel
From Fieldtrip? GEOL3040: Crustal Dynamics, Mountain Building and Basin Evolution, 2016-04-03 to 2016-04-15
Associated Notebook? Notebook 6, pages 4-9, locality 44, sample 18
Acquisition Method Collected
Acquisition Date 2016-04-14 (date of rock collection, grain mount obtained on 2016-07-08)

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