Geo Advent Calendar Day 11

I purchased this polished serpentinite from a stand at the Festival of Geology so I don’t know any details about its origin. However, it resembles the Cornish serpentinite which was featured on the first day of the Geo Advent Calendar, so I think this one might come from Cornwall. This English county is well-known for its vibrant red and black serpentinites which are commonly carved into beautiful ornaments.20161211_143208

Accession Number R0010
Status Accessioned
Specimen Type Rock
Brief Description Serpentinite
Full Description Cut and polished slice of serpentinite. Red and black with bastite crystals
Quantity 1
Age (Ma) ?
Location ? Cornwall, England
Acquisition Method Purchased
Acquisition Details Festival of Geology, University College London – £4.00
Acquisition Date 2016-11-05

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