Geo Advent Calendar Day 16

I like to think that this specimen is a bit shy. At first, this looks like an ordinary beach pebble but when you open it, you find a hidden Jurassic surprise! This ammonite comes from Whitby which is the land of the ammonites. Based on the ribs, I think this is a Dactylioceras tenuicostatum ammonite. But if any ammonite experts think differently, feel free to let me know!


Accession Number F0018
Status Accessioned
Specimen Type Fossil
Brief Description Ammonite
Full Description A pebble from the Upper Lias cut in half to reveal a cast and mould of a Dactylioceras tenuicostatum ammonite. Shell shows strong ribbing
Quantity 2
Age (Ma) 170
Location Whitby, North Yorkshire, England
Acquisition Method Purchased
Acquisition Details Festival of Geology, University College London – £14.00
Acquisition Date 2015-11-07

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