Geo Advent Calendar Day 18

The thin section featured on day 8 of the Geo Advent Calendar was made from this rock. Since it’s so porous and weathered, it was quite difficult to get it polished evenly when making the thin section.18-diorite

Accession Number C0080
Status Accessioned
Specimen Type Rock
Brief Description Diorite
Full Description Assynt hornblende microdiorite with one cut and polished side (was used to make thin section C0081). Consists of a fine grained plagioclase groundmass with hornblende, quartz and plagioclase phenocrysts. Has a porous texture due to weathered out feldspar phenocrysts
Quantity 1
Age (Ma) 444-423
Location Loch Assynt, Sutherland, Scotland
Collector Nadine Gabriel
From Fieldtrip? GEOL3042: Geological and Environmental Mapping, 2015-07-02 to 2015-07-31
Associated Notebook? Notebook 4
Acquisition Method Collected
Acquisition Date 2015-07-22

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