Upcoming Posts

This is just a brief update about what I’ll be talking about in future posts on this blog. My plan is to release a mineral-related post every Monday so it can fit in with the #MineralMonday hashtag (keep an eye out for the first mineral post this Monday). Every month, I’m planning on writing a ‘rock/mineral/fossil of the month’ post. In between these two main topics, I’ll also talk about my collection, museums and other geological topics, as well as providing updates about other pages on this blog.

View from Monte Petrano, Italy

A Brief Introduction to Pangeology

Here’s my first post for Pangeology! I’m Nadine Gabriel and a fourth year MSci Geology student. I am also a collections assistant for University College London’s Geology Collections. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own blog for quite a while, especially since a few people I know are regular bloggers. Twitter is great for discussing topics you’re interested in and quickly sharing ideas, but a blog gives you more freedom to expand on and organise your thoughts. I originally wanted to call this blog Pangeo (a play on the word Pangaea) but unfortunately – and to my surprise – that name was taken. There will soon be posts about various geological topics, museums and more!

(Title image is the view from Monte Petrano, Marche, Italy).