UCL Museums and Collections Blog

UCL Earth Sciences student and veteran of UCL Geology Collections curation Nadine Gabriel returns with another guest blog relating her work with the mineral collection over the summer. It’s great to have her back and to demonstrate that collections management is clearly habit forming. Hello, it’s Nadine Gabriel again and I’ve been spending another summer…

Here’s a blog post I wrote for UCL Museums and Collections called ‘Fun with Minerals 2: Back in the Habit


Museum Hour on Museum Career Stories

Museum Hour is a weekly discussion hosted by the @museumhour Twitter account under the #MuseumHour hashtag. I first heard of Museum Hour just before Christmas last year so it wasn’t until the New Year that I had the chance to participate in a discussion; if I remember correctly, the topic was about ‘all things new’ e.g. exhibitions, programmes etc. I strongly recommend having a look through the tweets, it gives you the chance to connect with other museum workers and can be a great source of inspiration and encouragement.